Merat woke up in the night with a burning pain in the middle of his chest.

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Listen to me carefully.

Clare stared off into space.

That damn Kenji, because he was cheating on me with another woman, I slapped him as hard as I could. I've already broken up with him.

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You're hard to understand.

Let us know what questions you have.

Did I tell you that?

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The doctor examined Mickey to make sure he had no internal injuries.


Elric must think he doesn't need to help Cristi anymore.


It is surprising that she should say so.


Send the package to me care of Miss E Book.

The chicken laid an egg this morning.

Could you show me another one?

He made good use of the opportunity.

I liked Svante, not for her looks, but for her kindness.

He doesn't know much about Japan.

Cliff tried to gain the attention of one of the waiters.

Does he have a big nose?

Take these.

What's your excuse?

Racists are dumb people.

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Sunil said there's problem with the TV.

The party's candidate began to sag in the polls.

Rolf must've been the one who put the drugs in my bag.

My daughter likes summer fruits, such as cherries, watermelons and peaches.

I bowed politely.

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Thuan's wife met him at the door.


The defendant's innocence could not be verified.

My mother went to the department store to do some shopping.

There's still no sign of Stephe.

Liber is happy traveling by himself.

Maybe she is coming.


What a beautiful rainbow!


I think we're going to need it all.


Can you finish by then?


Rhonda stole the necklace.

Please alight at the next stop.

The solution of the problem took me five minutes.

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That man is a criminal. Don't trust him.

It was obvious to all that he meant it.

I'll pick her up in an hour.

Spock is not going to do it.

She diced a carrot.

I call her very often.

What else could one do but remove it?


What I want now is ice cream.

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Taking notes at each meeting is one of the official duties.

You're gonna make me furious!

Let me repair it.

George said he was done, too.

I was outnumbered.

You're lucky that my dog didn't bite you.

Who rescheduled?

May I ask you to call me back later?

I've been eating the stew that we made a few days ago.


You missed me, didn't you?

This mall is so big that I can't find the exit.

He's getting along well with all of his classmates.


I thought this was over.


Louiqa seemed kind of upset.

They're stupid.

Let's forget that.

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I met you; that is enough.


I caught him cheating on the exam.

I will take over your job.

We will proceed with the hearing on Wednesday fortnight.


Could you leave, Bud?


A Ford car costs less than a Mercedes Benz.

It's not from me.

We ran fast so they wouldn't catch us.


I didn't want to talk to Nicholas.

It was last week.

Syun's bound to need help to move into his new apartment.

What I'll do is: I'll clean the room.

I'll never lie to you.

He's Mr. Jones.

I need to ask you to leave.


It was all a misunderstanding.


Not even a single person survived.

I have truly loved fake people.

Turn around!

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The castle is associated with things like ghosts and ruins.

I'm here because of him.

His objective is to become a teacher.


They assemble typewriters.

I passed a boy in the street.

The "Coalition of the Willing" is a phrase that refers to the countries that fought together against Iraq in the Iraq War.

If you've got nothing else to do, then count the Greek islands.

I thought I could help Jan, but I couldn't.

He is a highly paid man.

If the Ottoman Empire had committed genocide against the Armenians, they would not have a country now called Armenia.

Jeany sat on the side of his bed and pulled on his socks.

That's not good.

The delegation were escorted around the newly-built stadium.

Thanks for the info.

I take for granted that you agree with me.

I was deceived by her appearance.

Eva decided to go to Boston by himself.

Actually, I'm going to New Zealand to study.

He can't tell a cherry tree from a plum tree, but he can name them in twelve languages.

I asked them to come see me.

I had to let him win.

Gunnar got up early in order to catch the first train.


All things considered, we'll adopt his project.

Shall I bring a magazine?

I've looked everywhere, but I can't find my wallet.

At what time will your girlfriend come back home?

The stock market tumbled.

I was deeply moved by his speech.

How many tickets did you buy?

They want to do this right.

We need to move forward.

I thought about telling Johann, and I should have.

Edward read the text.

Why did you keep it a secret?

The house has two doors and a lot of windows.

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Look where I am today.

There are two thousand books.

School begins at nine.


I ran into my friend at the theater last night.


You have to be joking.


The guns are full of rubber pellets.


Am I going to be normal again?


My friend asked me if I was feeling all right.

Get him on the phone.

They recognized the new government.

They're not very good at what they do.

Since it will be cold soon, it might be nice to enjoy doing something outdoors the final few warm days we have before winter sets in.


We have more important things that need to be taken care of.


Roxane swam across the river.


This fabric wears well.


Let's meet for a chat.

No matter how much you lap coal, it stays black.

The high sprigs of alder are on your hand.

Tuan acted as an interpreter for Sonja.

You must tell us.


You have it all backwards.

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You captured nothing.

Meehan is an expert at throwing knives.

Where can I find him?


The figure on the left spoils the unity of the painting.

He fell asleep while he was driving and caused an accident.

It's exhilarating.


For everyone comes a time when his conscience catches up with him.

Go down into the cellar and get us a couple of bottles of wine.

Young people have shown a lot of improvement in physical stature.


The House voted thirty-three times.

Were you a friend of Shuvra's?

I always liked him.

Dieter says that he's in love with Jinchao.

There are fifty stars.


This explanation sounds confusing.