The building is a huge structure.

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"Kemal!" "Sorrel?" "Is it possible that we'll ever be closer than in this sentence?"

You know what you must do.

I can't ever be with you.

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Gideon held up his wine glass for a toast.

Find me a good book from the library.

I've never hunted.

Floyd died in a plane crash.

Can I order now?


I had some interesting experiences while traveling.



Grant wanted to cut the supply lines between the two cities.

The Denver Broncos have won the 50th Super Bowl.

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Saify is very ingenious.

Mr Brown always carries a book with him.

Your paintings are beautiful.

You're selfish.

I would like you to trust me.

You lost your dog, didn't you?

He has braces.

It's going to be amazing.

I really appreciate your offer to drive me to the station.

Lum tried to make sure that everyone had a good time at the party.

She told us the road was closed.

I couldn't prevent Hienz from swimming.

Thanks, you have no idea how much this means to me.

This new operating system is literally a Trojan horse.

I didn't think you'd show up.

Please use the information below for your payment.

It could take weeks.

We're trying to prevent forest fires.

Calvin is quite attentive.

It's been 10 days since my boyfriend went to jail.

He sat beside her with his eyes closed.

Rebecca collects his thoughts for a minute.

I dedicate this tears to all the deceased.


It's obsolete.


I don't want Rabin in this building.

He's absent-minded.

We're always here to help.

According to the news, the Italian team has won.

Was Mother Teresa a good woman?

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Don't worry. We'll find someone else to do the job.

Do you have something to write with?

I don't think Juergen would ever do something like that.

Do you speak Latvian?

This book was printed in England.

May I ask what you are working on now?

I don't want to go to Italy.

We've seen them.

The crowd cheered.

Have you ever watched sumo wrestling?

I suspect that he makes up policy as he goes along.

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Hang in there.

I'm very glad to have found this site, because it rocks!

Where did you want to take me?


Only a handful of men want to take childcare leave.

Run for the hills!

That's the way it works.

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Yvonne lived three miles away from Panacea when they were both in high school.

Interest in German is growing, particularly in China, India and Brazil.

We hope things won't get any worse.

I have the jack of spades.

I hope you like the job.


You need to lose some weight.


I miss Ernest a lot.


He has the right ideas.

Erik and Jane are screaming.

Not everyone is so confident.


I was sore for three weeks.

There is an urgent need for more money.

I've got the feeling of having already met her somewhere.

This watch costs ten dollars at the most.

You're both liars.

I'm really going to miss them.

What was Swamy saying?


I got sick, and so couldn't come to school.

That man is dead.

He crowded the books into the shelves.

Did you have a good time at the party?

Think again.

Anderson left school at thirteen.

You can't give up on us.

It was disappointing.

What a wonderful family.


Refugees will suffer lack of food, water, medicine and all that.

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You should keep secrets.

Who died and made you king?

This hen does not lay eggs at all these days.

He stayed there during the vacation.

Mat likes to read fiction.

Her courage during her illness is an inspiration to us all.

You should tell Blair yourself.

The work had been finished by six.

I don't like to eat fish with many bones.

Men cry too.

He brought our TV set down to the cellar.

Do you want him?

Monarchs do not joke.

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Children should obey their elders, mind you.

Malus and the other passengers got on the plane.

This is all the money I have.

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Moses's comfortable.

I am busy this week because I practice driving.

I spent all day yesterday with him.

This Sunday, there's a festival at the Hakusan shrine. How about going together in our yukatas?

She often skipped class.

Oscar respects everyone.

Will you give Kate this flower?

Vice used to be so pretty.

When do you have to file your income tax returns?

Gabriel didn't enter the building.

How long is Rio Grande ?

Allan took Dave's place.

Mr Brown is a doctor.

They cashed in on the second oil crisis.

Wash your hands before you eat.


Why is your French pronunciation so good?

The current slump of the economy will not turn into a serious depression.

He asked me if I was happy.

You are drunk!

I don't know how it happened.

I invited Manjeri and his wife to our party.

We'll see what Shaw has to say.


Emil didn't want to deal with what happened.


Ron's behaviour at the party was inexcusable.

How is the fishing going this season?

Rex has decided to leave the company.

What did Price tell you about me?

Buzz off.

I bought some cheese and a little milk.

I want to clarify in further research to what extent the conclusions of this paper can be generalized.

I know Teruyuki is up to something.

The police caught him red handed.

It's great when you're in love.

Noemi arrived precisely on time.


Coleen is all dressed up.

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The music was composed by a famous composer.

It is worthwhile to read the book.

We have to figure out what this all means.

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We're approaching the rendezvous point.


They pushed him out of the window.

Anything may happen till that time.

We did this under very advantageous conditions.

It was in the shop.

I don't see anything either.


Am I handsome or not?

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Knute asked if there was anything he could do.

They are seeking a solution.

He hid his emotions and pretended to be enthusiastic.

He was going accept the offer, but thought better of it.

Beavers can cut down trees with their teeth.

She'll sit there for hours without doing anything.

His idea was imprinted on my mind.

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How old were you when you left Australia?

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God?! I won't let my life be ruled by a working hypothesis!

You mustn't carry your jokes too far!

Joe put some flowers on the table.


I'm doing it in spite of you.

Let's try to speed things up, okay?

The war was now over.

What are you people sitting around for?

Deborah hasn't yet done what he promised he would do.

Come fall asleep in my arms.

Lowell is fine for the moment.


I know where to hide.