The whole county is favoring critical budget revisions which promise to protect education.


You almost killed me.

What's the fastest way to get downtown?

This backpack cost a lot.

What happened to my car?

One of my dreams is to study the Icelandic language.

The hotel was designed by a Japanese architect.

Tor's planning something special for Collin's birthday.


He who doesn't work has nothing to eat.

As they didn't know the way, they soon got lost.

Did Pim give any other instructions?

That was not a good recommendation.

Would you like some water?

Take my advice.

Izchak took off her earrings.


Thank you for coming today.

I spread the cheese on the bread.

Isn't that what they want?


Tell your mother about the trip.


There was a Persian cat sleeping on the table.

Will poked Trent in the ribs.

Don't you smoke?


Is that your briefcase?

Would you like to talk about what just happened?

I feel like a drink.


I will work to the best of my ability.

In that way you would have revenged yourself on me.

Philippe gave Malloy a peck on the cheek.

You sound like my grandmother.

I'm trying to think of another plan.

I asked him to come at eight, but he turned up at nine.

I don't care how much it itches. Don't scratch it.


What?! You ate my chocolate bear?!

Tony and I are both to blame.

Ellen put his things into a box.

If you stop and relax, this will relieve the tension and stress in your shoulders.

He is playing over there.

Miriamne got no reply.

Has the wash come back yet?

Is the water hot enough to make the tea?

Many support the former alternative, but I prefer the latter.

Jaime has broken a few things.

The car key was in the glovebox.

It doesn't matter to me, but it matters to Think.

I have a lot of respect for you.

I try to keep a low profile.

My brother-in-law is ready to lose his temper at trifles.

He explained to her that he came from the future.

Don't forget to breathe.


Well begun is half done.

They are aware of the difficulties.

I'd like to know why you didn't finish your homework on time.

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It's just wrong.

When was the last time you used this dictionary?

I made a doctor's appointment for two.

Bread is made from flour.

He read the book through.


The trip cost me a lot.

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I'll need my own tools to do this job.

I've gone to Kyoto twice.

I've been familiarizing myself with the process.


Let me use your computer.

Wayne rolled down both windows.

He watched a Swedish movie.

You could help us.

What kind of shots did they give you?

I want to buy cooking utensils in one lot.

I'll do anything Merril says.

I can't see anything. You're standing in the way.

You don't understand.

I've been expecting you.

He is capable of stealing.


I have been lucky until now.

Ahmet blew out all the candles on the cake.

I'm bringing Pia along with me.


Have you ever seen people actually go into that cave?

It's up to us.

The important point to note is that both parties offered similar solutions to this problem.

Ramadoss isn't petty.

The glaring headlights dazzled us for a moment.

Are you dissatisfied with our decision?

Jackson said he was not worried about Texas.


Maybe I threw it away.

Few were at the seaside because it was raining.

Would you mind speaking a little louder?

A terrible thing has happened.

I don't know anyone named Graeme.

Ice melts into water.

It's difficult to help people when they don't want your help.

How many other guys named Sheila do you know?

The Solar System has only eight planets now as Pluto, which was the ninth, has been reclassified as a dwarf planet.

I prefer my own company.

This sentence is very easy to translate.

Are you coming to my house next Sunday?

All of us plan to be there.


We must cut our expenses to save money.

I didn't know I was going to win.

What is it you're looking for?

I need to get that fixed.

When I was 18, I decided to take a year off from college.

The news of the prime minister's resignation took us by surprise.

In this way, we waste a lot of time.


My father often goes to Paris on business.

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Don't try to manipulate me.

When dinner was over, we adjourned to the sitting room.

I am interested in getting a hat like this.


Do you think I should tell Tracey how I feel?

He threw the ball against the wall.

Don't make me say it.

He was the most famous writer of his day.

He signaled them to stop.


Jordan said it wasn't him who broke the window.

They slept in a barn.

How does your wife feel about it?

Nearly three.

I don't want Malaclypse to come.


We went out for a walk after dinner.

I wish to visit Egypt someday.

American senior citizens are comparatively well-off.

Are there any TV or radio programs in your language?

How much money do you have hidden under your bed?

My father was the same age I am now when he moved to Boston.

He isn't at his best.

I like sparkling and fruity wines.

The cow lost its calf.


Shouldn't we ask her first?


Democracy originated in Ancient Greece, but where did phallocracy come from?

You must work.

Your brother needs help.


She reminds me very much of her mother.

I told them that.

Taurus was a good friend.


I feel that I am a burden to everyone, that no one will ever love me.

Werner jumped to his feet.

The thermometer fell to zero last night.

If the smaller groups in the interstitial territory would unite their efforts, with the proper strategy and some punctual hits they were able to undermine the advancement of the more centralized sovereign powers.

Takayuki is concerned about his safety.

I've seen you someplace.

This time I will try it.

Don't you ever call them?

Do you think Betsy is planning to help us?

He's away on vacation.

Please tell me how to spell your name.

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Caleb doesn't often do that.

Iran is the eighteenth largest country in the world.

I want to apologize to you for calling you a jerk in front of your girlfriend.

Who were you waiting for at the station?

I could help you make a list of things we need to buy.

Don't harass him.

The reality keeps changing.


Let's not exaggerate.

He gave food to many.

There is so much to do, and only a lifetime to do it.

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We're restless.

I believe you're trying to take advantage of me.

It's nearly six o'clock.

I got in touch with him.

I heard Tricia and Radek talking about John.

I'm not one of your employees.

People may not remember that.


I had to wait a lot longer than I expected I'd have to.


The sun is our most important source of energy.

Civil wars are occurring in many countries.

There was no need to do that.

I want you to follow Andreas.

Treat them with respect.

Where is the entrance to the dragon's cave?

My sister is a nurse.