They are too drunk.

You were the one who gave me that tip.

I'm the last sane man in the world.

I know how you feel about us.

Why don't you let me handle this one?

Every afternoon, the woman went to church to pray.

I'll never hurt Margot again.


Amedeo isn't suffering.


I'm on my way there now.

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Luc was completely right.

I'm glad Dorothy won.

If you walk your dog, scoop the poop.

I live a totally normal life.

Let's abolish football!

I want you to bring them.

I am not pleased with what you have done.

Don't forget to do your homework, okay?

When is your school festival?

How fluently he speaks English!

Justin is a weakling.

He is watering the garden.

I cannot praise them too highly.


Rolf kept Vincent waiting for an hour.

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Edmond is elusive.

We don't intend to give in.

The parents are responsible for the education of the children.

I wouldn't be too surprised if Marnix didn't show up on time.

Can I talk to you for a minute?


Sigurd managed to open the locked door.


That's a very depressing thought.


Do you need me to pick you up?

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It was cool, not to say, cold last night.

Emily wasn't sure if she was dreaming or if all this was a reality.

Come closer and you'll be able to see better.

I thought Jess would do that for Susan.

Excuse me, what have you just said?


I'll see you in October.

Nothing's going to happen to you if you do as you're told.

Hey, what's that noise?

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The universe is infinite.

I relayed the message to Guillermo.

The old man starved to death.

What kind of cookies are these?

Dion won't like that.

The beach isn't far from here.

I hope he's not angry.

The boat plowed the waves.

Whatever happens, he won't change his mind.


I'm getting hot.

Michael Jackson is popular in the US.

Are you going to come tomorrow?

There you have it.

We'll go tomorrow.

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Silence is not agreement.

Don't you trust me to do it?

Different jobs require different tools.

Nobody can exist without food.

Long live the Persian language!


Sjouke is helping his father.

I have made a mess.

I need time.

You don't have to make it look so obvious.

This is for my friend.

Cindie's injured.

Seize the moment.

I just received your message yesterday.

I am definitely getting the least enjoyment out of my book.

You really are an idiot.

Gypsy couldn't concentrate.

He dropped it.

Teresa put on his hat.


We talked about time zones.

I'm fairly happy.

Be kind to old people.


I have no choice but to accept your proposals.

Now you're just being silly.

Happiness shared returns many-fold, sadness shared comes back halved.


Maria is gorgeous.


Sean wants to take you home.


Do you really want to help her?


You're all alone.

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They begin beating Barrett.


You do what you can.


He heard the sea in a seashell.


Not all of them are present.

Miles wouldn't even think about doing that.

If you have the time, come along with me.

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This is almost too easy.

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The kids that had been so lively when they were awake are now silently sleeping soundly.


We don't need to help Paul at all.

Didn't they teach you anything at school?

He will be writing a letter.


I found out why my computer keeps crashing.

I was waiting for him.

Why do you think I'm not happy?

One of the detectives seized him by the neck.

She sewed a button on her coat.


It's not my problem. It's Moore's.

I stayed in my bedroom until 11:00 am.

This was avoidable.


Can we just go home?

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The climate of Canada is cooler than that of Japan.

Tobias is being very polite today.

There is a world of difference between, "somehow being understood" and "using correct English."

I wasn't scared.

When he thinks, he scratches his head.


If you don't want to get into a mess, don't say anything bad about Matthieu and Randal.


Is Mr. Al-Obaid here?


Po was on a diet, so all he ate for dessert was one strawberry.

How many eggs could you get yesterday?

Please remember me to your family.

I'll never make it.

Who would want to hire her?

I wanted to know why you didn't come yesterday.

Don't you remember what happened?

What does it matter how they bring up their own children?

Mohammad could hurt himself.


I got a hole in my jeans.

Kenton and Murray demanded better working conditions.

Choose your favorite racket.

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Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.

Fay was convicted of second-degree assault in 2013.

Briggs may still be in the hospital.

The park is sunny.

I didn't get an email from my parents today.

Dan was born in that castle.

Was he really boring?

Boeing's safety experts have joined others in the industry to form an international task force to try to eliminate one particular kind of air crash known as controlled flight into terrain, CFIT.

I'll help you find them.

If it had not been for antibiotics, medicine would not have made such remarkable progress.

I've had it with your riddles.

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Students don't always learn effectively without constant supervision.

Right now, we have a problem that's a little more pressing.

Mason often makes mistakes.


Smoking is a danger to your health.


If he had known her phone number, he could have called her up.


I want Fletcher to look at me.

Everett was beaten to death with a tire iron.

Please tell me you're OK.

Is Raj dead?

My reality view is drastically different from yours.

What time do you watch TV?

I know this is difficult for you.

I'll be with Chip and Emmett.

Students often find it very difficult to understand a lecture in a foreign language.

I'm not the jealous type.

My fingers are so cold they have gone numb.

Maybe it just isn't funny.

Saqib carefully watched Angela's reactions.

I do not have any money.

You have lovely eyes, don't you?

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The fifth graders play against the teachers.

I have no time for that, and besides, I don't have any money.

After their quarrel, she called it quits.


His constant insults aroused my anger.

Trent didn't get jealous.

I know that I'm a burden; you don't need to be repeating it.