Ask the teacher when you have a question.

I'll stay right here.

They're all strong.

I'm too drunk.

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I don't mind if the weather is hot.

Bad weather upset our plans to go on a hike.

You're buying those, right?

Angela is not an angel.

When a word is borrowed from another language, it frequently begins by having the same meaning; but with continued use in both languages, the now separate words may accrete disparate connotations.


They built the walls of the fortress without using cement at all.

Oh! Show it to me please.

These chemicals may affect bees.


Whoever can listen to butterflies laughing can also know how clouds taste.

Pat pulled the blinds down.

How many calories are in 100 grams of butter?


I think the box is empty.


For my birthday he gave me a broom and told me to get myself to work.


I wouldn't want to bother him.


The tiger laid in the middle of the cage.

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I saw her pulling the petals off a flower one by one.

My God, help me!

She has never lived in India.

They combined forces to fight the enemy.

I saw that he was right.

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I'd give you more if I could.

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I'll show you how to separate gold from sand.


Mason has no reason to be angry.


I was appointed chairman.

Scotland is famous for its water.

Why don't you just fire him?

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They have improved safeguards and they are now better prepared than before.

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January is the first month in the secular calendar.

Tell them what happened.

You didn't lend it to him.

We would have had fun if we had gone to the party.

The gardener cuts back the bushes with shears and the grass with a scythe.

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Dan launders all of his money in legal activities in Canada.

There's no one in the room.

Sanity felt a tad awkward around Kieran.

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The fire spread throughout the house.


There are tulips behind the steel building.

Who shot you?

You must think of your old parents.

Soohong found his key underneath the sofa.

The army of the Gauls was conquered.

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When do we get to see your pics?


I can teach you how to pray.

It is raining all the time.

That doesn't sound like her.

He is the last man to break his promise.

Her words have a deeper meaning.

My native language is Spanish.

Only Takeuchi didn't accept the invitation.

There is superstition in Brazil.

I don't think I can afford to buy a car now.

This may not be such a good idea.

Ross's disease affects his sleep.


We have started to recycle newspapers.

He's a little devil.

You have to make Saumya believe you.

Paul doused the campfire.

Why do you want Esperanto to become a lingua franca while you continue to communicate in English?

I'm unambitious.

I want to talk to you before you leave.

When I was a child, I was always drinking milk.

Leila is perfectly safe.


Looking for his house, I walked about for over an hour.

Maria doesn't speak to me.

She looks like her mother, I tell you.

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Bring me the phone, Roger.

When will your debt be paid?

Come sit down.

You have no right to interfere.

I hardly ever need help.


The best way to know a foreign country is to go there yourself.

He tends to get angry when he does not have his own way.

Death is not to be feared.

I've written to them.

Where are you bound for?


Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

The history of glass is extremely long, and begins in the ancient Orient.

I've known him my whole life.

Merril is swimming in the neighbor's pool.

She died last week.

I got to go to Boston last week.

I bid ten dollars for the old stove.

They were scared to do it.

I will do anything that you ask.

What do you think they'll do to me?

This is the letter written by Mr. Brown.

The golf tournament kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

To my way of thinking, an actor's course is set even before he's out of the cradle.


When did you start liking baseball?

The timid soldier was tormented by terrible nightmares.

We are engaged in a difficult task.


His hands turned blue because it was so cold.


I want to know where Lenny comes from.

They lost the war on the eastern front.

It'll be hard to convince Nate to help us.

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I've already told you that.


Barrett knows where we live.

Researchers say that it's easier to lose weight if you eat three square meals a day.

Matthieu gets off work at 5:00.

Dan accidentally called Linda "Rita", which angered her.

We must devise some means of escape.

I have no doubt as to his sincerity.

With the exception of him, nobody else came to the party.


I promised to leave her alone.


I'm glad I never gave up hope.

There were mistakes made.

I haven't been swimming recently.

She throws a ball better than I.

We'll figure things out sooner or later.

I'd like to make a toast.

She fainted in the store and found herself in the first aid room when she came to.

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Shutoku intends to change that.

Tran didn't have to come here today.

You don't understand how fortunate the country you live in is.

There was nothing to worry about.

The ad agency has a lot riding on this account.

We are expecting the issue of his book.

Let's go do something fun.

The crowd cheered when he appeared.

Let's hope we find Everett before the police do.

Prices were strictly regulated during the war.

By whom was this done?

Hienz knew Soohong wanted to move to Boston.

"You are almost out of time", said the teacher.

I like this job.

No one will attend to you there.


My sister can't start the day without reading her horoscope.

No sex was involved.

I got sucked in on a lot of phony deals.

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Lloyd is nodding.

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Elsa motioned for Rusty to answer.


I'm older than him.

Do you believe that animals have souls?

I've got to get them presents.

Your point of view is certainly peculiar.

You're looking good.

It is not known when he came up to London.

He was born into a noble family.


We didn't realize we were being so loud.

Show me a list of your rates, please.

Has anyone talked to him?

She is very angry with her children.

I bought a bicycle instead.

Curiosity is nothing more than vanity. More often than not we only seek knowledge to show it off.

My brother and sister get up about seven-thirty every morning.


Write to him for me, Jan.

Life is not an empty dream.

How many are in your party?

The enemy of "good" is "better".

We can all walk home.


Your order is ready.


He is trespassing on our private property.


We don't trust her.


Doug put the key into his pocket.