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I could never go back there again.


It's nice to be remembered.

That's just an excuse.

As often as not, we lay awake all night.

Would you like to see some photos of my trip?

I can't afford to buy it.

It's a beautiful rug.

I told Murph to swim a little every day for exercise.

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Come on, Spudboy. Say something to her.

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You don't happen to know where Martha is, do you?

Whatever you do, do it wise with your eyes on the prize.

I don't want a banana.


Some people derive pleasure from watching horror movies.


I have no interest in going fishing with you.

You are annoying.

My aunt speaks Chinese as well as English.


Put price labels on each individual item.


I'd like to talk about your situation.


I don't know how to help Becky.

How much are they?

Franklin said Loyd couldn't swim.

What kind of part-time job should I get?

Has anyone seen that movie?


You've already done enough.

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You're great.

It takes courage to succeed.

Freud developed the love-hate relationship between parents and child as the Oedipus complex.

Do you have drinks without alcohol?

Mr Kaifu is used to making speeches in public.

I hate opera.

The earthquake had a magnitude of six on the Richter scale.

Whatever happened to her?

This is the second longest river in Japan.

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Her pregnancy was fraught with complications.

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The door opened and a man walked in.

The FDA approved the new drug.

When you are cheerful, books can increase your happiness; when you are sad, books can lessen your sorrow.

What I know of Norwegian I have learned on my own.

You forgot to thank Huashi for the present, didn't you?

He is the more capable of the two boys.

Meehan will be joining you shortly.


He doesn't dare to say anything.

He's an intelligent young man.

You can't put anything over on Tran.

There's no one around.

Do you think you would ever consider suicide?

I am having mashed potatoes with vegetables for dinner.

I'm used to it by now.


Let me laugh.


You just don't get it, do you?


It looked good.


This isn't about him, is it?


It's a little late for that.


Ozan kept talking.

My major is linguistics.

I didn't translate a single sentence.

I'd prefer not to get involved at this stage, thank you.

I don't live with her.

I lighted one.

Shall I have him call you?


They're walking without shoes.

Jef had better not do that again.

Would you mind if I try something?


You didn't give Hughes a chance.

I know you really like Rhonda.

I don't have a clue how to play golf.

Gene and Sarah are living together.

We have to study the matter.

I lost my sense of reality at that moment.

They don't like this either.

We're out of danger.

I can call them.

Many oval-leaved plants are poisonous.

No citizen should be deprived of his rights.

She flashed him her angry eyes.

They advanced on the town.

I submit that it would constitute a very dangerous precedent.

We walked along the beach.

We made him our guide.

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He is capable of deceiving others to get what he wants.

On arriving in the town, he went straight to see her.

I wanted Will to look at me instead of Matthew.

The population of Hong Kong is in excess of seven million.

Since the accident, Srinivas has given up hope of becoming a professional dancer.

Is it your first trip here?


I called Trevor last night around midnight.


Filiberto is a man who is more than forty years old.

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Tell them I'll be right over.

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We're watching a movie now.

There is no aspect of relaxation more important than breathing.

I fought back.


Liber told me that he enjoyed the movie.

I told her not to use those.

We're not fools.


Adam spent all of his Christmases at home with his family.

Keep off my property.

Travis wants to be really good.

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Everything is going to be okay so there's no need to worry.

He carried on working from morning till night.

The program will be on the air before long.

I'm a beginner in Esperanto.

I love talking to you.

They had better have kept their mouths shut.

However long you try to hide it, the lies will come out anyway.

Phill is our oldest child and Byron is the youngest.

It is foolish to read such a magazine.

Barry's pulse is strong.

To her, the atmosphere of Tokyo was always dry, rough, and completely uninteresting.


The organization failed.

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It was easy for me to find water.

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You know who she is?

Nor is there any weapon of thought wherewith to defend.

There was nothing I could do to help Wendell.


I wish I could sink through the floor.

How long has George studied Portuguese?

Don't go back to sleep!

Such a method is out of date.

You can't keep that secret.

She's very hard to please.

He arrived after I had left.

We seemed secure of victory.

Nice to meet you. How are you doing?


Don't tell her I'm here.


Some claim that full-body scanners violate the Fourth Amendment.

How much farther is it?

Guess what's going to happen if you unplug that wire.

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He's got a large house and two cars.

I'm a new student.

Have you tried taking a sleeping pill?

I refused to pay.

They know this.

Don't regard me as your father anymore.

I must tell her that.

The kindergarten yard is shaded.

They are faced with a multitude of stresses.

The boy threw a stone.

Why didn't you call?

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This thing won't last long.

It is always windy near the sea.

We couldn't make out what she wanted.

Stephen drinks beer every day.

Tammy finished his homework, so he went to bed.

You'll get what you deserve.

Is there a message?

I'd like to get to know them.

Tell Olaf that you love him before it's too late.

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They went on a ten-mile hike through the forest.

Would you mind if I came along?

I hope you feel at home.

Jeany stood up and walked out of the room.

I caught him by the arm before he could fall.


I don't speak English very well.

I'm unconvinced.

If I can't do this, what makes you think you can?

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Irwin failed in his attempt to beat the world record.

If one is suffering from sleep deprivation, one's attention can slip.

Does this metal absolutely have to be tempered?

This is only for you.

Year followed year...