"Where were you?" "I went shopping."

You must stand up for what you believe in or no one will respect you.

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I don't want to lose any time.

There's a movie I want to watch on TV tomorrow night.

Just don't ask any questions.

Write down your address and home phone number.

How about giving me a promotion from just-a-friend to boyfriend?

His criticisms were very severe.

He has no choice but to resign.

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I know that gentleman only by name.

Kyu did as I told him.

To kiss her is one thing, and to love is another.

How did you find out where I live?

My house is empty.

Am I doing it right?

I told you Sjaak would be late.


Colin can't have it.


Alberto tried to break up the fight.

Dan trashed his room.

I have been to more than ten foreign countries so far.

I'm not giving up on them.

One cannot overestimate the importance of getting up early.

It isn't at all clear.

No can't tell which wine is more expensive.

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You didn't even cry.

He drives a hard bargain.

She grew up to be a great scientist.

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"How do you like my hair?", asked Dean to her husband.

Christina is in pretty good health.

Dawn was sitting at the bar three stools away, drinking beer.

These children are born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband's will, but born of God.

Nicolaus Copernicus became interested in astronomy while he was a university student in Italy.

I'm a musician.

Saad won't want to leave town until his mother is feeling better.

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Stop eating in bed, I'm sick of cleaning up after you.

Since when have you been learning Latin?

You can't live here anymore.

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Rumors were current about him.

Leon and his family say grace before every meal.

You should probably tell Michel where to put the tools.

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This dictionary is very expensive, but is worth buying.

Lord might not like that.

They went on travelling for two days through a great forest, without food or drink, and without coming across a single house, and every night they had to climb up into the trees for fear of the wild beasts that were in the wood.

Both Nhan and Urs aren't very good at cooking.

I want to give up.


We have to have this.

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He is often confused with his brother.

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We think someone, and we know very well who, called the police.

Eddie wasn't ready to accept Winston's love or friendship.

You shouldn't be driving.


Where can I buy it?


There's going to be a storm.

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Again the frog turned into Vasilissa, the wise maiden.

Have you seen anyone else?

Maria never married.


I have to stop him.


My husband sends his best regards to you.

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This business plan of yours seems almost too optimistic. All I can say is I hope it's more than just wishful thinking.

"I'm back." "Welcome home."

We have agreed to continue the negotiations.

Let's introduce ourselves to the immigration office.

I escaped from the fire with nothing but the clothes on my back.

You're never satisfied!

You're ugly.

You can never tell what will happen to us.

I would like to go to the beach with you but today I don't have time.


Kees didn't see how he could manage to do everything he'd been asked to do.

Moore was lying through his teeth.

Jane stopped collecting teddies at the age of 20.


We are at such a critical stage.


The show is being recorded in studio 4.

Your explanation won't wash. It's too improbable to be true.

I just need to get some clothes.

If Pam goes, I'll go with him.

I'm afraid to ask what that is.


I thought I'd surprise him.

I want you to take care of me.

I absolutely agree.

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I like physics, and I like mathematics even more.


I don't even know who he is.

Light waves travel through space and various kinds of materials.

French isn't an easy language.

Even smart people are sometimes absent-minded.

In any case, just being wanted by the police isn't enough to make you "a criminal."

Please, hurry up.

I want money.

I want to not say hi.

It still could happen.

It is widely believed that Einstein was awarded the Nobel prize in 1921 for his work on relativity. It was actually awarded for his seminal paper on the photoelectric effect.

I'll invite whoever wants to come.


Leo loves chocolate ice cream.

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Jimmy used a fire extinguisher to try and put the fire out.


Thanks to both of you.

Got milk?

I suggest you turn around and go back home.

Your dress is touching the wet paint.

It's not like I haven't tried.

I could invite Johnathan over for dinner.

It appears that he was in a hurry.


Unless you start now, you'll be late.

It's possible.

He has an incongruous sounding name which is hard to remember.


Let me tell you something interesting.

Give him the horns.

I still can't believe you didn't say anything.

That's not one of Dawson's, is it?

Stephe will probably sleep better tonight.


Central Park is near where I work.

I should sue them.

What's in the fridge?

Not everyone is honest.

If it were not for television, the world would feel even larger.

Teruyuki started to feel like his life wasn't worth living.

It's that simple.

This looks delicious.

May I use the bathroom?


I had left a present for her at my house.

Bob can also drive.

Don't smoke if you want to live a long life.

Starbuck doesn't like dark colors in his home.

Can we close the door?

Today wasn't a good day.

Germans have the same amount of words for meetings than Eskimos for snow.

Let's talk about it after school.

The smell of last night's dinner was still lingering in the kitchen.

I'm almost sure that's the way it happened.

Among the Uighurs, a "Naming Celebration" is held after a child is given a name.

I lied when she asked how old I was.

To tell the truth, she doesn't eat that many.


We've all seen that before.

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I gave up everything I held dear.

A boy ran off with some money.

Ned wants to know why you haven't left yet.

May I ask about your family?

Please delay as long as you can


I want my father to see the movie.

Edward is watching us.

Aah! Hang on a minute!

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You're the only Canadian I know.


Your playing sounds a bit stilted. You have to loosen up your fingers.

Timo used to play basketball.

I don't want to spend any more time than necessary cleaning the house.

Go wake Rex up and tell him breakfast is ready.

That guy is a real weather vane: he constantly changes his mind.


I started to become impatient.

That's exactly what I expected.

Why are you leaving?

I've never heard so much complaining in my life.

Mahmoud knows us very well.

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If I remember correctly, that's what you said.

The negotiations have ended.

Pilot walked to the store to buy some milk.

We're here on vacation.

I anticipated trouble.


The telephone is a convenience.

Cole and Ernest both looked surprised.

He advised me not to smoke.

Carried through many nations and seas, I have come to these miserable funeral rites, brother.

He was born in Africa.

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This supposition, that the Earth is immobile, was completely untrue.