We need to do this.

You were exceeding the speed limit, weren't you?

The relationships among those five people are complicated.

It's becoming too dangerous.

He is familiar with computers.

The price reflects the demand.

I'll see him around.

They stated that it was a flagrant violation of international law.

To be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.

His action is against the law.

There is sand at the bottom of the ocean.

Vishal learned that the rental price would be discounted if he and the agent agreed to a seven-day rental term.

There was a tremble in her voice.

His office is located in the center of the town.

I'll keep this short and to the point, for a change.

It's warm today, isn't it?

We weren't looking for them.

Volcanic eruptions in Tonga have created a new island.

I substitute honey for jam.

If I could pay attention, I wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.

There is no time like the present.

Pantelis is the best carpenter I know.

Let's ask if it's true.

He ought to have arrived in New York about this time.

I am playing a computer game.

I knew you wouldn't have enough money.

All Nhan does is play video games and watch TV.

I couldn't catch what he said.


Creationism is bullshit.


It's his dirty little secret.

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I dare not tell her the sad news.

He's eleven years old.

Mario is drowning!


I can't sell you that.

Sandeep is taking a break.

The ideologist of nuclear devastation Bertran Rassel promises to refute (once again) materialsm with his newest ideas about the language structure.

Don't tell them you're lost.

He told me that I could use his car.

Let's go to the theater early so that we can get good seats.

Longfin Batfish, or Platax Teira, have recently been seen near Hawaii.

Please use a pencil to write down your name.

Manuel stabbed Paola thirteen times.


I can't eat any more.

You're about to be exonerated.

Hey, you forgot your kiss. Sorry, your keys.

Bet without exaggerating.

Florian inherited his farm from his father.

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Veganism is true peace.

Panos doesn't blame Carl for being mad.

The bright warm sun shone on a little court, on the first warm day of spring. His bright beams rested on the white walls of the neighboring house; and close by bloomed the first yellow flower of the season, glittering like gold in the sun's warm ray.

My income has gone down by 10 percent.

You don't have to do this for me.

Killer whales are beautiful but dangerous.

To go on from pain to pain mystery to mystery. From stone pain to plant pain. For everything is pain. The pain of battle the fear of not being. Links of pain chain the earth to the sky the waters to the land. And worlds gallop in orbits of affliction. Thinking of surprise.

She tried not to cry.

Marian needs help getting dressed.

His voice carries very well.

Life in the country is not always tranquil.

Should we go back?

I'm not blaming anyone for it.


Are you afraid of insects?

I know who I am.

You can not drink the seawater, for it is too salty.

He's no longer interested in me.

Is he interested in me?

Harris told Jesus that he'd gone to the beach that weekend.

Darryl doesn't have a ticket.


He is very peculiar in his behavior.


You're sexy, trust me.


See you back at the precinct.

Can you speak French like her?

In the zoological gardens of Mars, there are animals from Earth.


She burst into view.

Vladimir is quite artistic.

June and Saqib sat down to talk.

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I have a crow to pluck with you.


Derek and I have some unfinished business.

I never should've hired him.

All the old magazines have been sold.


Sorry, I only meant it as a joke.


Here's a restaurant I eat at a lot.

I've hired Martin.

The baby has been crying for almost ten minutes.

You have to choose.

Let him believe this, and he will live more consistently and morally, than by any other system.

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The movement of South Africa can no longer suppress the movement for equality.

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Hughes is watching a movie.

Try as she may, she is unable to beat him.

And that one over there is Mars.

Can I get a kilo of chicken breast please?

That actress is as beautiful as ever.

You're just like an angel.

Bucky told us not to do that.

You're angry, aren't you?

I'm going to get you home.

I need a change.

They hate each other from the bottoms of their hearts.


He who is present, is the vizier.


She failed to appear.

I was very pleased.

Travel by train has been on the decrease.

Rathnakumar plays clarinet in the school band.

If he doesn't eat, he will cry.


It won't be much longer.

Please do not handle the exhibits.

They verbally abused him.


She doesn't do anything else.


Jagath doesn't have to work.

The more you hate Dan, the more he will keep coming.

Marcos pulled the mask off his face.

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They tried to poison us.


Shuvra has worked hard.


Todd made me do some things I didn't want to do.


That was scary.

This is happening.

She wished to punish only those responsible.

Only I can save you.

Suresh died a few years later.

Every politician must be responsive to complaints from the public, or he or she will become inflexible and make disastrous decisions.

Tiefenthal lives in a bad neighborhood.


Is it true that man never gave you his name?


I find him very easy to talk to.

Ofer isn't a bus driver, is he?

The cows are on the farm.

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I'm happy the game is over.

My father often goes fishing in the river nearby.

Tell her where you are.

Merril told me he wouldn't be able to be here tomorrow.

What is Tony doing?

Dick had been dependent on his parents, but now he's independent of them.

Ross gave Seymour his business card.

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You can use whichever pen I'm not using.

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Climate change is real and it's caused by humans.

He has absolutely no chance of being elected president.

I've been out looking for them.


I wanted to be an astrophysicist once.

She's making progress in cooking.

He robbed me of every penny I had.

Nobody came to help him.

It was stupid of you to believe in him.

He's not bad.

We probably don't want to do that again any time soon.


I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly.

I daresay your advice will have its effect on them.

Lana heard Jim open the door.

You should try not to scratch your mosquito bites.

Malus was ready to sing.

Does it hurt anywhere?

Is everyone out of there?

Leila doesn't make the rules.

It's bad to drive.

They knocked my books out of my hands.

Judging from the look of the sky, we might have a shower before nightfall.


The little girl is not capable of riding a bicycle.


Let me show you how to chop onions without crying.

Kate, by accident, set the curtain on fire.

The plan is worth considering.

We should read as many books as possible.

Ken didn't have the courage to try it again.


Normality is boring.

London is famous for its fog.

I don't require assistance.

We need to get away.

He is entitled to get the land; it was his father's.